Friday, May 4, 2007

Decisions, decisions...

Are other kids like this? I wake up to a beautiful day and think, "we should get out and get some fresh air and excersize." Go to all the trouble to get everybody fed and dressed and get some makeup on my face so that I don't scare any other small children that might be outside. Then when we finally get out there, Isaac wants to play in the car!? Because forget fresh air and excersize! Let's get out and spend some time in the one space more confined than our apartment? And it's not because he has a fascination with cars (he does). He's not pretending to drive or anything. Just climbing around the car, seeing what old food and forgotten toys he can find. Seems strange to me.
Of course I have to admit that I probably wouldn't be complaining if it was just the two of us. Sitting down?! In an enclosed space?! Instead of following Isaac all over creation trying to keep him from getting hit by a car or picking up dog poop or something?! And I'm off the hook as far as getting him out of the house?! Yeehaw! Sign me up! The only problem is that Grace doesn't agree. Once I stop walking, she starts wailing! So there I am sitting, holding her in a seat meant for one, trying to bounce her and cram that pacifier into her mouth while she screams and arches her back nearly catapulting herself out of my grip and onto the floor of the car, and I'm trying to decide which is worse, this or the tantrum that Isaac is going to throw if I drag him inside already. Inside I'll have more room to get away from the screaming but first I'll have to wrestle him out of the car. Tough choice!
Then I have a "lightbulb" moment! We'll nurse! Like we always do when I want to sit down (or sleep) and Grace doesn't. Of course, this is only going to contribute to the habit that she's developing, of nursing all the time whether she's hungry or not. The same one that helped Isaac learn not to ever sleep through the night until after he was a whole year old and weaned (he then started a habit of getting up for a drink from a cup in the middle of every night so once again he isn't sleeping through!). But I don't think this all through before I get her latched on (and really who can think while holding a screaming infant?).
So the decision is made. And it's relatively quiet for the moment. I guess for today, I'll just take it one moment at a time.