Friday, May 25, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday is a very important day to Isaac. Personally, I'm a fan of Fridays (pizza night!) and Saturdays (Daddy's home...and I'm not outnumbered by kiddos) but for Isaac, I think that it's Wednesday that holds the most excitement! Why, you ask? What could possibly be exciting about the absolute MIDDLE of the work week? Well, I will tell you.
Wednesday is TRASH DAY!!!
Not following? Trash day means that a big big truck drives right by the front of our house. And it goes just the perfect (very slow) speed for optimal viewing. Sooo, like the cat that wakes out of a dead sleep and comes running from the other end of the house the very second you even THINK about tuna, the call of the trash truck lures Isaac to the living room window. And me. There's just something so irresistible about seeing your child get that excited. So, on Wednesdays, I'm ready. When I hear that trash truck chugging by, I know that I have about 30 seconds to find a safe place to put Gracie, get Isaac's attention, scoop him up, race to the living room window, clear the Fisher Price farm off of the top of the toy bin, settle Isaac on the toy bin, and pull up the blinds, all before the trash truck finishes with the last house on the street (the one next to us) and starts back this way. And I do it. If racing-to-the-window-to-watch-the-trash-truck was an olympic sport, I'd win. Not because I'm athletic (I'm really really not!) but because I love my boy. (I really really do...I even know the names and numbers of all the main characters on "Thomas" and have been to the website to learn their back stories and all about the extra characters...scary, I know!)
So anyway, we have this little ritual. Isaac watches the truck and talks about it and sometimes the Garbage Men (Sanitation Worker? Is that more PC?) even wave to him and sometimes I can even convince him to wave back to his heroes. Then in the oh-so-pathetic voice that he reserves for the most tragic of occasions he says, "Trash truck 'way" over and over as the truck drives away.
This week it got even better. Wednesday was his BIRTHDAY! Nana and Grandad were over and all 5 of us were OUTSIDE when the trash truck came! So Grandad picked Isaac up and carried him closer to the truck. Nana grabbed her (ever present) camera and tried to get a picture of them with the truck. Then, once he had put our stinking, rotting mountain of trash into his truck, he even SPOKE to us and said, "Have a nice day." Wow.
So,I think Isaac might want to be a Garbage Man when he grows up. And I think it's a great idea. After all, a job that involves adoring fans and papparazzi must be a pretty glamorous one, right?


Shera said...

Too Funny heehee!!!! I really enjoyed this story! I too have a garbage day lover! He's also always thrilled if the UPS guy delivers anything LOL!