Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Adventures in Wildlife Viewing

Soooo.....I've been so busy using this blog as my own personal therapy session (which thrills my readers, I'm sure) that I forgot to write about our much anticipated trip to the Wildlife Park. Before I do though, if you're local to me can you please explain why people call it the Animal Farm? I was calling it that because my bff Sara, who was the first one to bring me there, does. Then I saw on the website that it's actually the Wildlife Park. But when I called it that, the person I was talking to had no idea what I meant. Anyhow....
We had a fabulous time at the Wildlife Park last weekend! The kiddos slept most of the way there (I thought that day would never come!) and us grown-ups (I was gonna say we grown-ups to be grammatically correct but it just didn't sound right) got to enjoy Dunkin Donuts and each other's company for a whole hour or so! Woohoo! That was definitely a highlight of the trip for me!
We arrived. We parked the car. Changed diapers. Loaded ourselves up with the approximate ton of stuff that babies require for any trip longer than 5 minutes, and a year or so later, into the park we went. First we went to look at the bobcat, lynx, and mountain lion which I love to see but which didn't seem to impress Isaac very much. Either because it was hard for him to see through the fencewire or because, Duh, we have kitties at home, I'm not sure. The porcupines also didn't really excite him. Neither did the turtles. He wanted to get closer to the bears (Darn! I wish they'd have let us...NOT!). The moose actually were mildly interesting to him but by the birds he was just plain bored.
Finally came the highlight of the trip for Isaac! We went into the little snack shop and got ice cream which we ate in the picnic area right before he got to race around the picnic area! Isaac heaven! Us grown-ups didn't really mind that part too much either since, you know, we kinda like ice cream too. LOL! The running around wasn't so much our cup of tea but Isaac was smiling so of course we were happy.
Oh yeah, Grace was also there. She didn't like it very much because it was a bit too windy for her. She spent half the time fussing and the other half sleeping in the Baby Bjorn.
Another thing.... we didn't get to see the deer. I'm not sure where they were but I was a little bit disappointed because I love to see deer and since we're living in town now, I don't ever get to see any.
Last random comment, I promise. How come they don't have any snakes? I wouldn't like that so much because eeeewwwww!, but the boys probably would.
Anyway, that's the story of our big trip to see the "amuls" (animals). Stay tuned to hear about our 2nd birthday adventures and our trip to the big city for a ride on a steam train!