Monday, April 30, 2007

20 things

10 things I love about Isaac

1. He's always needed me a lot. You know, because he's scared of almost everyone else.

2. He's cute.

3. He's such a boy! He loves trains, trucks, buses, heavy machinery....

4. He's sooo busy! He never voluntarily sits down. It totally wears me out but it's fascinating to watch.

5. He loves his baby sister.

6. He's gentle with animals.

7. He loves to be read to and he loves the alphabet. If you know me then you know that this suits me just fine!

8. He can be pretty high maintenance...but for some reason I totally get that. ;)

9. He looks just like me. This is not just vanity (although there's probably a healthy dose of that in there too). He's my first biological relative (that I'm acquainted with) so it's really cool to have someone look like me.

10. He's my baby!

10 things I love about Grace

1. She doesn't need me as much. It's such a relief that I can leave her with other people when I have to!

2. She's cute.

3. She's a girly girl. I can tell already that she's going to like shopping! And she looks so good in pink!

4. Those cheeks!!!

5. She loves her big brother.

6. When she smiles at me, I fall in love every time.

7. She's a Daddy's girl...and I know he loves it.

8. She's a little lower maintenance than her brother. I'm so crazy about him but what would I do with two of them?

9. She's got spunk! Even though she's my more relaxed child, she's no blob!

10. She's my baby!