Saturday, April 28, 2007

Toddler Cuisine- part 2

You know how sometimes kids start to turn orange from eating too many carrots or sweet potatoes? Because that is a real thing! Really it is!
I think Isaac may turn orange one of these days but if he does, it's not gonna be from carrots, that's for sure! If he turns orange, it will definitely be from too much macaroni and cheese. He calls it "nocheese" (which we find completely endearing) and it's his very favorite food. I'm ashamed to admit that we eat it, on average, about 3 times a week. Eek!
Here's the thing. I never intended to let my toddler eat macaroni and cheese! I like to pride myself on being a little bit of a health food nut (ok so that's more in theory than in practice) and thought that I would only feed my children very nutritious whole foods. But then life happened. And a very very picky toddler happened. You know how they say that it's ok to lay down the law about food because a child will NEVER starve himself? NOT TRUE! My little S.W.C. (strong-willed child) starved himself right down to the 3rd weight percentile for his age. When his pediatrician started to act concerned, I decided to lighten up. At least that's my, reason.
Anyway, I guess for now I'll just have to comfort myself with the fact that despite our country's obesity epidemic and related heart disease, we still have a pretty darn good life expectancy! Right? RIGHT???
Can you tell that I have some guilt?