Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crime and Punishment

I was sitting at the computer, also known as the time-suck machine, doing something very pointless important. Isaac was sitting behind me at the table eating a sandwich and Grace, well who ever really knows what Grace is doing?
Suddenly, "Ouch!" said Isaac. Loudly.
"What's wrong?" I asked, distractedly.
"What's the matter?!" I was starting to be mildly concerned.
"WHAT IS THE MATTER?" I said, raising my voice and finally turning around.
There was Isaac, still at the table and there was Grace, standing beside him and trying to steal his sandwich.
"That hurt my feelings," he said, referring to the attempted theft.

That kid cracks me up!

On another note, Gracie will be 15 months tomorrow. Sigh. My big big girl. She's saying a bunch of words now including her latest, "baby". I remember, distinctly, the first time Isaac said "baby". Which is funny 'cuz I don't remember much these days. I think it's just one of those words that sounds ultra-cute in the teeny-tiny voice of a one-year old. Grace also sings "baby, baby, baby, baby" to the tune (sorta) of the "Baby Signing Time" theme song which just melts my heart.
And guess what else 15 months old means? According to Dr. Dobson, it is the earliest you can begin discipline.
I've been waiting for this.... ;)


Sara said...

I was so excited to see you had a new post!! Isaac and Grace are the best!

Monica said...

Hi, Gretchen. They really do say the cutest little things, don't they? It's great that you're writing it down so you can remember later. Kind of like an online scrapbook.