Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Safety's sake

The gate by the stairs fell down yesterday and I, inexplicably, didn't put it back up right away. Then I sat down for 2.2 seconds to help Isaac with something and when I looked up I noticed that Gracie was gone. Of course I knew right away where she was. But I couldn't see her from where I was standing so I immediately thought that she must be up near the top, where the stairs turn the corner and are really really steep. The part where she always slips when I let her crawl up ahead of me (with my hands on her the whole time of course). So I sprinted for the stairs, all the while in the midst of a heart-attack. Before I could reach the top though, I heard a sound over the baby monitor. It was Gracie, playing happily in our bedroom (yes we still share). When she saw me, she gave me such a proud (and also impish) smile. I'm glad she was so happy because there goes another year off of my life!
Isaac, apparently, is trying to make up for the years he's shaved off of my life expectancy. I had taken out a bottle of cleaner and left it on the dining room table for later use. But Isaac spotted it and said to me, "Those are chemicals Mama. I don't want you to touch them."
Now that's advice that I don't mind taking!


Shera said...

Simply too sweet! oh, and scary! And yes I still drop by from time to time, you really are an amazing writer!!!!


amanda said...

Well, at least I am not the only one who is behind on keeping the family website up to date!!! ;o)

I suppose you have double the excuses I have, but not for long!

Gretchen said...

Heehee! Amanda, I think we both kind of suck! Shera has, count'em, six kids and probably as many websites. :) She even did my GORGEOUS layout!