Monday, June 23, 2008

The Secret to my... uh, Insanity?

These pictures are a bit old (March probably?) but I've been wanting to share them. They were all taken on the same day. See if you notice a theme.

This one is a little bit hard to make out but look carefully at each of the items. This is the result of one of Isaac's passions... painting! Luckily this was with washable paint because he's even more enthusiastic about totally permanent craft paint!

This one is Grace and, I think, Bisquick. Not as bad as the time she dumped an entire bag of powdered sugar on the living room carpet though...

This is Isaac. He is standing behind the electric heater in our living room driving his toy engines through... any guesses?... baking soda!!! A whole box. Look at the heater and at the floor. Yikes!

Yeah, I need to get the lock fixed on the cupboard with all the baking supplies. Although they haven't been getting into it as much since we've been able to get outside.
So, that's my tip of the day I guess:
If the children aren't in the house, then they can't mess it up!

That's also the only way I know to keep the end of the day tidy-up to under 3 hours! And you wondered why I don't keep up with my blog...

If anyone has any ideas that are more helpful than mine, I'd love to hear them! :)