Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gracie Day!

I am aware that I don't talk about Gracie very often. That's mostly because she doesn't say anything funny yet and I know it's not very interesting to read about how cute someone looks. But I did want to have a "Gracie Day" today so I've decided to just show you how cute my baby is these days.

Alright, I can't resist just a little bit of bragging. She can draw! And since she is my very neglected independent second child, she taught herself, using Isaac's crayons, in between crayon-eating sessions. She is also quite good with a spoon. Mostly because she would rather die than let someone feed her. She doesn't actually eat much but her aim is really good! Especially when she aims at the floor... or me. Last but not least, boy can she climb stairs! I think that that little talent of hers my end up accounting for my first gray hairs.
Anyway, have a great Gracie Day!